Since 2008, Targeted Intervention program for Female Sex Workers (FSW) is being implemented by EFRAH with support from DSACS. The main aim of the intervention is to build awareness about HIV/AIDS in the targeted high risk group of female sex workers (FWS) and bring an attitudinal change towards the disease through behavior change communication. The basic components of the intervention are outreach, communication, service delivery, creation of an enabling environment and community mobilization. The intervention is being implemented in four locations in South East District of Delhi, Madanpur Khadar, Gautampuri, Jaitpur and Badarpur.

Project Introduction

It is estimated that more than 90% of HIV transmission in India is related to unprotected sexual intercourse or sharing of injecting equipment between an infected and an uninfected individual. Not everyone in the population has the same risk of acquiring or transmitting HIV. Most of the HIV transmission in India occurs within groups or networks of individuals who have higher levels of risk due to a higher number of sexual partners or the sharing of injection drug equipment.

Project Objectives
  • Strengthening community based organization and service delivery mechanisms
  • To provide comprehensive care, support and treatment to those living with HIV/AIDS
Intervention Approach
  • To increase awareness about sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS and encourage health seeking behavior among the targeted high-risk group of female sex workers (FSW)
  • Building a strong network of civil society organizations and service providers for outcome based advocacy
Results of Behavior Change
  • 98% FSWs are using condoms and practice safer sex.
  • 95% FSWs got themselves tested for HIV/AIDS
  • 97% FSWs are getting regular medical services from the project office
  • 97% FSWs are getting other related services like testing, counseling, etc.