“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

The city of Delhi attracts millions of migrants every year majorly constituting children and youth who flock, sadly end up living on the pavements and become prey to starvation and exploitation. The population growth, industrial development and migration of people from rural to urban areas have resulted in the very fast growth of the urban sector in the country. Rapid urbanization has created many socio-economic problems making life miserable, particularly for migrants and deprived communities who normally live in inhuman conditions in the slums or resettlement and unauthorized colonies. An urgent need, therefore, exists for specialized education integrated with awareness and functional improvement for these groups to improve their lives, decrease their dependency, increase their work efficiency and sharpen their capabilities for adaptation to social, economic and technological changes in the midst of their lives and work. The educational and vocational needs of these deprived sections constitute a specialized area of continuing education demanding its own strategy, institutional arrangements and techniques.

The vocational training is one of the prime focuses of the EFRAH; it deals with the livelihood of the community members in the area. The act of the organization to involve such youth, women and adolescent girls will take initiative to earn and support their family. Project mainstream was thus initiated with the thought that every such individual has immense latent capabilities that need to be polished in. It thus adopted an innovative approach to impart leadership training and vocational skills. In addition, the much-needed micro credit facility was made to start a mini enterprise.
The following are the VT (Vocational Training) courses being successfully running in EFRAH
1. Fashion Designing and Pattern Making
2. English Speaking and Personality development
3. Tally and Accountancy
4. Beauty Culture
5. Computer Basic
6. Hardware and Networking
7. Domestic attendant and child care/elderly care.

EFRAH boasts of having trained over 9,000 beneficiaries and 83% of trainees started to earn their livelihood by working within their respective fields.