RCH program provides preventive, curative and promotion of community health with special focus on adolescent girls and women. Women health has always been the second priority in our society. Programmes are implemented in the community to sustain one’s life and could not be left out. EFRAH emphasizes on health intervention programme; a central for people well being. EFRAH provides doctor services, medicines, ANC & PNC care, free condom distribution, couple orientation and family counseling to women and adolescents girls.

Services under RCH

We are run the RCH clinic for ANC (Ante-natal care)and PNC (post- natal care) and adolescent girls.
Distribution of Free Medicines, iron and folic acid tablet to adolescent girls and women which helps in controlling anemia as well as provided nutritional guidance.
Weekly OPD for children, adolescent girls and women to sort out the problem and provide free medicines.
Family counseling for improving institutional deliveries.
Increase community awareness on basic reproductive and child health issues Organizing RTI/STI awareness sessions for the community and provision of medical services for youth, adolescent girls and women.