Under this programme, EFRAH is for establishing the libraries in MCD Schools across Delhi for the benefit of the underprivileged school children and community with the support of Room to Read India trust and Deptt. of Education, Municipal Corporation of Delhi. In a very beginning of the programme MCD schools did not have any kind of library though they have some books kept under supervision of teachers’ which were safely used by the children as there was no initiative given to the children. At this point we started the library these school and provide facilitators and were given training & getting feedback from them put them in the proper groove in the path to make use of library by the children. After completion of the two years the scenario will change now and Library handover to school authority.

  • Promote literacy and reading habit and reading skills.
  • Increase schools to library resources.
  • Increase school efficiency to usage of the library resources.
  • To established the library in the MCD school premises
  • Improve school administration librarian and teacher capacity to ensure the reading rooms are run well
  • To motivate the reading interest of children and increase the habit.
  • To land the books to the children from the library for enabling them to study in their homes.
  • To create an academic environment in the school. Like using these books to narrate stories in the class room of lower primary.

In D.D.A flats school (Boys) H.M officially inaugurated reading kit through a small ceremony where class teachers of class 1st and 2nd were present. Second class teacher of Gautampuri (evening) use C.C to interact with children. She said that C.C is very helpful to enhance student’s expression skill, speaking capability, thinking capacity and imagination as well. M.C.D recognize our sincere efforts towards library and issued order for proper functioning of library in every schools and made arrangements of library period for 3rd to 5th class. Student strength has grown up as earlier in the classes and in some schools children narrates poem in the assembly. Class teachers also come with children to do reading kit activities. In all school, HM is also taking interest in the various activities of reading kit. School in charge of Meethapur extension school (boys) frequently came to class room to observe reading kit activity and also took feedback from fellow teachers of class 1st and 2nd. Students of class 1st can easily make sentence orally with the help of Conversation chart (CC). Children try to narrate small stories like “meena apni ma ke sath bazaar gayi, Waha per usne methai khai aur gubbare kharede” etc. Children easily recognize character of C.C and define their activity and work.