Our overarching aim is to enable the community members to understand and be confident in their right, working together to demand and secure their entitlements supporting CBOs to lead public information campaigns and advocacy events in their communities, such as mass rallies, interactive meetings and public hearings, to teach others about their rights. EFRAH support community members to carry out community-based monitoring of services and to speak out to the relevant authorities when service providers are not meeting their service obligations. EFRAH is closely working with the women groups to develop their capabilities, especially through our community development programme leading together and our series of training and workshops. EFRAH has formed 1 community based management group (comprised of 20 women) and 4 Aagan Samooh consisting of 100 women and every month meetings are held with the Aangan samooh and CMRG groups to discuss community issues, schools problems and other related issues etc. 20 women from Aangan samooh have been selected for school management committee of SDMC schools. A public Hearing was organised by CMRG with the support of DCPCR for community related issues. In addition to the above, 164 counseling sessions were conducted on GRC, 433 cases of domestic violence, dowry, and other related matters have been solved out which 28 cases were referred to Delhi legal service authority. There were 167 awareness sessions on legal issues organized from which 4620 female benefited.